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Jacksonville Veterinary Hospital has been a country vet in the heart of Maryland for over 45 years. Thanks to our wonderful clients, we have grown to a six doctor practice with an experienced staff ready to cater to you and your beloved pet. We are equipped to care for mammals from pocket pets to cats and dogs.

Here at JVH, we believe in preventive medicine and recommend annual exams to track your pet’s progress from the very first visit, well into their adult and senior years.Our services include examinations, vaccinations, surgery, dentistry, radiology, ultrasonography, pain management, boarding, grooming, and more. We have a pharmacy on site, as well as an online store for your convenience.

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Please help us welcome our newest Veterinarian, Dr. Britta Larsson. Dr. Larsson specializes in Acupuncture and alternative therapy. She graduated with her doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from Oklahoma State University. In addition, she focused on acupuncture/herbal medicine and later graduated from the Chi Institute of Chinese Medicine. We are so excited to offer a new alternative to traditional Western Medicine. Pictured here with Dr. Larsson is her dog and acupuncture patient, Zoey.



To Our Valued Clients:

At Jacksonville Veterinary Hospital we pride ourselves in providing the best possible service for you and your pets. We believe in practicing modern medicine, and our doctors tailor a treatment plan to each individual animal based on their lifestyle. Keeping this in mind, we strive to avoid over vaccination, and prefer to first have a conversation with you about your pet’s needs to determine the best vaccine protocol for your animals.

Canine influenza, or dog flu, is a highly contagious viral infection affecting dogs and also cats. At present, two strains of canine influenza virus have been identified in the United States: H3N8 and H3N2.

H3N8 was first identified in 2004 in Florida in a group of racing greyhounds. The virus quickly spread through populations of dogs and was found in the majority of the United States, affecting dogs in many shelters and kennels.

H3N2 was first identified in 2015 in a group of dogs in Chicago presenting with respiratory illness, and is thought to have originated in Asia.

Canine influenza can be spread through contact with respiratory secretions from barking, coughing and sneezing, direct contact with contaminated belongings, or from people handling infected animals.

For years, we at Jacksonville Veterinary Hospital have required that dogs boarding or being groomed within our facility be vaccinated with the CIV for the H3N8 strain of influenza (among their other core vaccines). Many popular boarding facilities in our area are now requiring that your dog be vaccinated for BOTH types of the canine influenza. A BIVALENT (2 in 1) combination vaccine is now available for your dog’s protection.

We are confidently offering the bivalent influenza vaccine for our canine patients. We recommend this vaccine for dogs who are boarded, groomed, attend dog parks, or have similar exposure to other populations of dogs, and will require that your dog be vaccinated with the bivalent influenza vaccine in order to board in our pet hotel or stay for grooming services. If your dog has already had the original canine influenza vaccine (CIV / H3N8), he/she will need to receive the new bivalent flu vaccine. When your dog is due for their annual flu vaccine, we will simply start with the new bivalent vaccine. The first vaccination will be administered and then will need to be boostered by a technician 2-4 weeks after the initial vaccine to be considered effective. The vaccine will then be given annually as needed.

If you have additional questions please feel free to contact our staff at any time during normal business hours. We will be happy to assist you further. You may also visit for more information on the Canine Influenza Virus.

Thank you for your continued support,

The Doctors and Staff of Jacksonville Veterinary Hospital

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 If you have an emergency and we are unavailable, please call the Animal Emergency Hospital located at 722  Belair rd. in Bel Air, MD. by dialing 410-420-PAWS (7297) or the Pet E.R. located at 1209 Cromwell Bridge Road in Towson by dialing 410-252-8387.



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